HOA Fees

Annual Fees

Oakridge Legacy HOA has an annual fee of $130. Fee notices are sent out early January and are due February of each year.

If a Homeowner does not pay by the due date, a $10 Late Fee maybe incurred for each month that payment is not received. Outstanding Fees which are not paid by March 31st will be forward to collections. The Homeowner will then be responsible for any fees associated with the collections agency.

Homeowners do have the option to pay their HOA fee on a monthly basis. Please see a member of the HOA Board for more information.


We love living in this great Farmington Community and we want to continue to see it be a great neighborhood for everyone who lives here. Failure to comply with HOA Bylaws, CC&Rs or requests from the HOA you may incur the following fees:

  • 1st Violation – $50
  • 2nd Violation – $75
  • 3rd Violation – $150

Before any violation is initially issued, a member of the HOA Board will attempt to contact the Homeowner to let them know of the concern and give them an opportunity to correct the situation. Failure to address the issue may result in the fine being issued.

Remember to avoid any risk of violations, all changes to the exterior must be approved by the HOA Board prior to commencing work on the changes. Failure to gain approval could result in you being asked to remove the changes you may have made.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact a member of the HOA Board or use the Contact Us Link above.

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